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AT Louis Jones Physiotherapy

15 Crabtree Arcade

Grand Avenue


BN15 9PR

07896 654 275

[email protected]

Scars come in all shapes and sizes from surgeries or accidents that have occured in our lifetime. As individuals we heal differently and where some scars seem to cause no problem at all, others can adhere to the underlying connective tissue, organs and bone, causing restricted movement and organ function, as well as generating severe pain and emotional distress.

This gentle touch therapy developed by Rolfer, Sharon Wheeler nearly 40 years ago whilst training under the guidence of Dr Ida Rolf, can promote changes in scar tissue by increasing blood flow and nutrients into the surrounding area thus improving the health and feel of the scar. It releases stuck underlying connective tissue so increasing mobility and can visually change the scar by becoming smaller, lighter and less prominent. 

What type of scars can be treated with this therapy?

Old and new scars (as long as they are healed and you have been discharged by your doctor)

Joint replacement - hip,knee,shoulder

Spinal surgery

Breast surgery - reduction/augmentation

Mastectomy, lumpectomy,

Abdonimal surgery

Foot/hand surgery

Appendix/Gall Bladder removal

Caesarean section


Key hole surgery

Facial scarring

Skin grafts


and many more.